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Fitness And Pilates Classes

Fitness And Pilates Classes

At PR Aesthetics, we offer Fitness & Pilates classes using a holistic process. We improve your well-being from the inside and outside for complete transformation. If you’re a body sculpting client, you may get a membership to the fitness studio for optimal results. 

The Classes

Boutique Pilates Reformer Classes

We developed a personalized Pilates training program to transform your body from the inside out. We provide large studio group classes for a particular number of participants at a time, semiprivate and small group training. Our Pilates group exercises range from beginner and intermediate levels and are designed to activate your muscles while preserving their balance. The exercises strengthen core muscles while slimming the abdomen and adjust imbalances that may cause back aches. You’ll walk out of the studio energized and renewed. 

Group Fitness Classes

How To Prep for Your First Group Fitness Class 

You’ll learn something new in every class! We recommend keeping these basics a priority to prep for your first class.


Depending on the class, 10-15 minutes early is excellent. 

Yes. Your instructor needs to learn about your skill levels to provide their expertise on the best class design for you. 

You can wear comfortable athletic attire. 

Yes. We’ll provide recommendations based on your aesthetic goals at your group exercise consultation. 

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