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PDO Threads

PDO Threads

PDO Threads provide a safe solution for sagging skin and lift a few centimeters giving natural results. Dissolvable sutures are placed deep into the layers of the skin to work their magic. At PR Aesthetics, we utilize smooth and lifting threads. Smooth threads dissolve over time and are used to regrow collagen to provide structural support, smooth and soften skin, or treat cellulite. Thread face lifting is achieved with lifting threads. They also dissolve and regrow collagen but give a lift at whatever angle the threads are placed. Great for sagging areas like jowls, eyebrows, lifting the tip of the nose, defining the bridge of the nose, and so much more. Results are immediate and last 9-12+ months. A local anesthetic is provided for a comfortable experience.  

The pros of this treatment include:

The Treatment

At PR Aesthetics, all treatments are client-directed, and we’ll customize your procedure to fit your skin condition. We select from threaded and smooth threads. The smooth threads stimulate collagen production, and the lifting threads are for volumizing the skin. MINT PDO Thread Lifts are the safest and cause no allergic reactions. Your body absorbs these threads within six to twelve months after the procedure. They have several sizes and forms for maximum customization. 


The treated areas include upper, lower, or midface, neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs. 

The entire skin firmness and rejuvenation improvements can be seen three to four weeks after treatment. The targeted area becomes restored during these weeks, and collagen is produced. This result is a youthful glow and tightening of the skin. 

The treated area completely absorbs PDO Threads six months after treatment. 

Yes. You may get bruising, swelling, skin puckering, orange peel-like skin texture, or mild irritation.

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