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Natural Growth Factor injections

Natural Growth Factor injections

Natural Growth Factor Injections for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration is a golden plasma liquid that contains a concentrated source of your thrombocytes and growth factors. Natural growth factors have concentrated stem cells, allowing for cell division for growth and attracting additional stem cells to the repair site. Regeneration occurs within the tissues while initiating growth and repair for up to one month after these injections. The result is new, healthy tissues that are permanent and are used aesthetically or medically dependent upon client presentation.

The pros of this treatment include:

The Treatment

Microneedling with Natural Growth Factors

All the benefits of traditional Microneedling, collagen stimulation, and improved tone and texture of the skin, with the added benefit of your growth factors, are injected back into your skin, amplifying the healing response for even better results! Treatment includes drawing your blood and harvesting the Natural Growth Factor portion for infusion into your skin for facial rejuvenation or joints. Plan the timing of your treatment so you can avoid the sun for three days and makeup for two days post-procedure. We recommend a series of three treatments spaced 30 days apart for maximum results. Topical numbing cream is used for your comfort.

Natural Growth Factors for Hair Restoration

Your own Natural Growth Factor is a powerful treatment for hair restoration. This treatment is an excellent option if you’ve experienced hair loss or thinning. Two to four treatments spaced 30 days apart are recommended. Improvement continues months after your final treatment, and additional treatments may be booked as desired.


The Natural Growth Factor Injections we use will provide you with facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. 

The results will appear one week after the procedure. 

The results can last up to twelve weeks. 

Natural Growth Factor Injections treat various conditions, and all adult clients are excellent candidates. We'll determine your eligibility at the consultation. 

Yes. Mild redness may occur and subsides within a few days.

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