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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

A healthy body weight is important for your body image and overall health and well-being. At PR Aesthetics, we use several prescribed weight loss medications in conjunction with nutrition counseling and specialized exercise plans to assist you in your weight loss journey.
If you are struggling to lose weight or need assistance in redirecting your habits so you can kickstart your weight loss journey, our Weight Loss Program may be the treatment for you!


The Treatment

The PR Aesthetics weight loss program involves an initial consultation and screening followed by weekly visits to our medical spa. These visits include medication administration, weight monitoring, nutrition counseling, and exercise counseling. The medication (given via injection in the back of the arm or abdomen) often makes you full faster, and keeps you full longer, which in turn controls/decreases your portion sizes and suppresses your appetite.

The medication is also known to redirect and suppress your cravings. Patients at our spa have seen a significant decrease in tobacco cravings, western diet cravings, sugar cravings, etc. Book your Weight Loss Consultation today!


The program includes an initial consultation, followed by weekly spa visits for medication administration, weight monitoring, nutrition, and exercise counseling.
The program offers benefits like weight loss, improved energy and sleep, enhanced heart health, habit retraining, chronic illness prevention, and appetite suppression.
The medication, administered via injection, makes you feel full faster, controls portion sizes, suppresses your appetite, and reduces various cravings.
If you're seeking weight loss support or help in establishing healthier habits, the program could be a good fit for you.
After the initial consultation, you'll have weekly medication administration, weight monitoring, and counseling visits.
You can start by booking a Weight Loss Consultation with PR Aesthetics to discuss your specific needs and goals.
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